Still Free

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I know I don’t post regularly on this blog. Even now when I have the freedom to do so at any time of the day, I don’t.  But I have the freedom to do it or to NOT do it.  I freakin’ LOVE that!

Perhaps it is that freedom that ironically has me riveted to my other activities. I read. I write with pen on paper. I color. I weave. I play a video game. I watch a movie or an old TV show, just because I can. But I also volunteer. Right now, that fires me up! I enjoy it and get satisfaction from it.

Before you think I’m one of those political gang-bangers that spread malice and discontent across social media on both sides, I want to stop you there. I volunteer for an organization that encourages people to share their voice via creative expression, otherwise known as art. Literary art, visual art, performance art.

I believe this to be a better method; that of respectful contemplation, discussion, an opening of the mind rather than a closing of it. I truly feel sad when I see the anger and angst sprayed across our displays by those shouting to be the loudest in the crowd. It’s like a noisy rehearsal choir room with everyone warming up before a performance. The cacophony makes me turn away so that I may be missing valid points. But I value the quiet, the stillness and letting people be wrong.

We never really know what is right if we are never wrong.

Keep creating, Jen

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