Destiny’s Thief


Destiny’s Thief by Jennifer Churchill

Piscis Rin is very, very good at her job.  As the only telepathic burglar in the known universe, she has 100% confidence that she will get away clean with any assignment she chooses.  Only her agent knows who she is, or what she can do, and she likes it that way. 

So when her new assignment requires her to travel to The Edge, Pi jumps at the chance to travel on the new interstellar cruise ship, Destiny.  It’s small, relatively unknown and should be an easy flight. But she couldn’t have been more wrong! 

She soon finds herself in life-threatening danger and running from the law without any telepathic power at all.  For the first time in her life, Piscis might actually have to rely on other people to help clear her name and discover who wants her dead…and maybe whether or not she might be better off without the gift that has kept her safe but separate until now.