I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help and support of a lot of people in my life.  So I do want to make sure I give shout-outs to as many of them as I can.  There never is enough room to list them all, but here is a start!


First of all, of course, is my sister.  She is an amazing author in historical fiction.  Check out her site: Stephanie Churchill  Her first novel is The Scribe’s Daughter and is available in digital or print.  We have discussed, argued, planned and plotted books of all kinds over the years.  All of it with an equal mix of love and insanity.  But finally we are each finding out own paths.  Love you Sis!


I am a member of the Eastern Washington writer’s group, Wordherders, full of many fabulous authors as well.  If I could list each one and what I have learned from them, it could be a novel on its own.  But the two most important ones for getting me started are part of the fearless leadership, Barb Seiders and Randy LaBarge.  Thanks to you both and all the other Wordherders!

RiversOfInk black logoLast but not least, I serve on the Planning Committee for the Rivers of Ink Writers’ Conference, helping to share my love of writing with authors in all stages of development.  Sometimes it feels like our own creative time gets usurped by the demands of planning, but we always find it worth it in the end.  Just keep swimming…